HTS transmission cable market prospects

2020 total market throughout the world superconducting applications will reach $ 244 billion, HTS cable about 5% of the share. As an important part of high-temperature cables special cables, with strong vitality, demand, China’s annual imports from abroad about two billion yuan for domestic construction. As a result of high-temperature superconducting material having a high current density as a conductor transmission and the use of liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium, high temperature superconducting cable has a small size, light weight, low loss, no fire hazards, etc., conventional power cable transmission losses of about 7% of the transmission power, and the transmission loss of high-temperature superconducting power cable of only 0.5%, if taking into account the energy consumption of refrigeration, the resulting energy saving over 60%; under the weight of the same size, the conventional power cables compared HTS cable capacity can be increased by 3-5 times, the loss decreased 60%, 80% or more by weight can be reduced, it is suitable for short-distance transmission of high current applications, such as urban centers and distribution, electroplating, electrolysis industry , power plants and substations. The cable industry has long been in a state of cut-throat competition, the application of superconducting technology to cable companies an opportunity to go beyond the competitors, how its development will depend on the ability to absorb and cable market.

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Post time: Apr-05-2017
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