New environmentally friendly green insulated wire and cable

1, the military market, large-scale military enterprises of these units and enterprises entrusted with the task of scientific research and modern equipment of national high-tech equipment, it needs high temperature wire and cable are mostly light weight of the fluorine plastic products, special wires required the number of cables is expanding rapidly, some special products still need to import. Research results show that a certain type of missile equipment, specialty wire and cable only needs to 200km; some electronic equipment against the car, you need special shielded cables of up to 300km. According to a wire and cable business and external sales reflects information collected, and the companies have business dealings with the military demand up to 45000km, but according to the current business equipment, technical conditions, the company can only meet up to 5000km, accounting for demand 11%.

2, the civilian market is large and wide, mainly involving petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, real estate construction, information communications, automotive and other industries ship. Building wire: the 1990s, overseas high-rise buildings on the promotion of the use of fluorine plastic wire and cable. Its aim is to use high-temperature fluorine plastic, retardant and other features to guard against fire hazards. In recent years, the rise of China, there are many intelligent building using double-retardant high temperature (150 ℃ and above) and low smoke zero halogen wire and cable wire and cable environment, the purpose is to prevent the insecurity caused by the accident. Because building wire variety, widely used, market capacity is huge.


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Post time: Apr-05-2017
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