Rubber cables definitions and applications

Rubber cables are made of fine copper wire stranded conductor for outsourcing rubber insulation and a soft rubber sheath movable cable varieties. In general, including General rubber sheathed cables, welding cables, submersible motor cable, cable radio and photographic light cable and other varieties.

product description

Rubber cables are widely used in a variety of electrical equipment, such as household appliances, electrical machinery, electrical equipment and appliances mobile power cord. At the same time it can be used in indoor or outdoor environmental conditions. According to the cable suffered mechanical force, the product structure is divided into light, medium and heavy categories. On cross-section also have the appropriate adapter.

General light rubber cables used in household appliances, small electric devices, requiring soft, lightweight, good bending properties;

In addition to medium-sized rubber-sheathed cables for industrial use, but widely used in agriculture electrification;

Such as heavy-duty cable for port machinery, searchlight, family business large hydraulic pump stations and other occasions. These products have good versatility, a complete series of specifications, good and stable performance.

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