The main purpose LSZH cable

LSZH cable refers to halogen-free (F, Cl, Br, I, At), made of lead-free cadmium, chromium and mercury compounds and other substances in the environment, it will not emit toxic fumes (Beijing fortunes when burned wire cable Co., Ltd.) environmentally friendly cable.

Basic overview

● halogen pointer which: the value of all halogen ≦ 50PPM (according to regulations PREN 14582)

● produce hydrogen halide content of <100PPM (according to regulations EN5067-2-1) post-combustion

● PH value of water soluble hydrogen halide produced after combustion ≧ 4.3 (slightly acidic) (according to regulations EN-50267- 2-2)

● products after combustion in a closed container transmittance rate ≧ 60% through a beam of light (according to regulations EN-50268-2)

● Pb <90PPM, Cd, Cr6 +, Hg, PBBs, PBDEs are less than 5PPM

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Post time: Apr-05-2017
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